Thermographic Surveys:

You may be surprised to know that thermal imaging cameras were developed for military use during the Korean War. Fortunately, peacetime has seen the thermal imaging cameras having uses in other fields and have many uses.  Firefighters use them to see through smoke find people and localise hotspots of fires. Law enforcement use the thermal imaging to manage surveillance purposes. They have uses in electrical engineering to see if any hot spots that would not be seen with the naked eye are visible; this can be a sign that a part is faulty.   Where thermal insulation becomes faulty, building surveyors trained in the use of thermal imaging applications can see heat leaks.

We have used our thermal imaging cameras to find faulty electrical parts within an installation, such as faulty MCB’s and we use to find issues with damp from the ground to leaks within a flat roof.  

We have had many successful surveys that have found issues with cavity insulation and generally these are backed up with Borescope Surveys of the cavity.

When used correctly, the thermographic cameras can solve a lot of problems that relate to building coverings (insulation and roof coverings), structural defects, such as uninsulated steel beams above ceilings (condensing onto the ceiling and staining), draughts coming from gaps around windows or up from floors, missed or sagging insulation within cavities and a number of other areas.

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