Party Wall Surveys and Awards:

If you are carrying out particular works to a property, say, an extension, loft conversion or basement, it is often necessary by Act of Parliament and as written in the subsequent Party Wall etc. Act 1992 (PWA). To serve notice on your neighbours that may be to the side, above or below your property.

Employing a professional Surveyor to act as Party Wall Surveyor for a Building Owner (BO) can help in avoiding the pitfalls of delays, which cost money and can help to avoid disputes with neighbouring owners, sometime of course these are Local Authorities.

If you are going to act as your own Party Wall Surveyor, then you need to be sure that the notice you serve is sent to the correct person(s) and addresses.  We have included below links for you to view and print off standard templates.  We have also added a link to the guidance.

Government Guidance booklet: Click here 

Government Party wall Forms/example template: Click here

It is often more prudent to employ the services of a Professional Party Wall Surveyor.  It is most likely they would have managed projects similar to yours and will know exactly what to do in a timely manner to ensure efficiency and compliance for you. Your Party Wall Surveyor can advise and carry out, agreements, condition surveys of neighbouring properties and write up the awards.

There are a number of bodies who keep a register of Party Wall surveyors such as the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, The RICS and others.

The Party Wall etc. Act was created to help with a much speedier project completion time as it affords a lot of rights when notice is properly served and managed.  These include Rights of Access on neighbouring properties and can also protect against claims where alleged damage to a neighbouring property is brought against the BO.  This is because the Party Wall Surveyor will log the condition of property prior to works beginning, so any unfounded blame can often be quickly resolved.

Where the Landlord is an Adjoining Owner (AO), to the side, above or below to where works are taking place at a property, and those works fall within the PWA, the AO can be protected to ensure their property condition is recorded and photographed prior to building works and further ensure that any damage to their land or buildings, are protected.  Any actions to put right the property are written into 

the award and covered under sections of the Act.  Compensation may also be awarded for a number of temporary losses, inconvenience etc.

You may find your works do not infringe on the party wall, or there may be other options by making small changes to your plans as to not require a Party Wall Notice to be served.  

If you decide the best option for your project is to employ the professional services of a Party Wall expert, we will make ourselves available to discuss your project to see what is required.  You can contact us in a number of ways.  You can call the freephone number on our website, use the ‘contact us’ on-line form or go to the TEAM tab and email any member of the Senior Team. Their direct email address will be on their page.


Be assured, the Archway Consultancy team are qualified professionals and hold memberships to their relevant professional organisations.  For more details on any of our services use the contact us form or email one of the team directly, or call us on the freephone number.  We are always happy to help.