Fire Door Inspections:

Are your Fire Doors performing as required? Would they hold out for the specified time in the event of a fire! Archway Consultancy have fully qualified door inspectors certified under the LPCB certification (LPS 1197 4.2) requirements.

We will check all your fire doors to ensure they are compliant and will be suitable against protecting persons against smoke and flame in the event of a fire.  We will specify any failing components from the (up to) 21 points surveyed to ensure you have a detailed maintenance inspection report of all your Fire and Exit doors and issue certificates to show compliancy. We offer you Fire Door Compliancy and continued support and you can be assured that we are third party accredited. If we can be of assistance on any of your projects then use the ‘contact us’ on-line form, call our freephone number or go to the TEAM tab at the top of the page where you will find a page and contact details for senior members of the team. We look forward to hearing from you.


Be assured, the Archway Consultancy team are qualified professionals and hold memberships to their relevant professional organisations.  For more details on any of our services use the contact us form or email one of the team directly, or call us on the freephone number.  We are always happy to help.