Dilapidation Reports:  

It is unfortunate, that for several reasons dilapidation claims are required.  These generally require a Scott Schedule which is basically an extended version of a list of damages to a property with costs (taken from price schedules such as SPONS). The Scott Schedule is a summary of the full Experts findings. And is often used as a report for the the Courts & Tribunal.  

In the case of a dilapidations claim, a Scott schedule may be an extended version of a schedule of dilapidations prepared either by the landlord or a Professional Surveyor.  An additional column within the schedule allows the tenant/leaseholder to respond with their evaluation or the quantified demand.

When the lease covenant, which relates to a property’s lease Terms & conditions have been broken say, from carrying out unauthorised works or not abiding by the lease agreement for maintenance, and the Landlord needs to have works carried out to bring it to the standard that the property should have been maintained to then a dilapidation survey would be required to show the items that need to be corrected. This may be during the term of the tenancy or when the lease ends.  The landlord will usually make a Schedule of Dilapidations claim.

Often the schedule will be one document that is used alongside a report with time/date stamps of when works were carried out, what the damage is and what the consequences of those works or lack of maintenance have or are highly likely to lead to.

The Surveyor who carries out the schedule of works/cost required will have in mind that the document may end up at the tribunal or court and that his or her duty is to the court to aid the judge in understanding what has happened and what is required.  This ensures there will be no bias and the report is based on professional experience and costs that may be checked against.  If the tenant or the tenants Surveyor disagrees with the costs, then they must put their costs into the column.

It is usual for the court judge to instruct both parties to employ the services of a single joint expert witness and a list is drawn up from one or both parties and decided upon.  Any documentation, such as schedules, reports etc should be given to the expert to help in their investigation and, in all likelihood, reduce time spent on the investigation and report.

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