Damp & Condensation Investigation:

There is a lot to manage within housing at every level for Landlords and Private freehold owners, and signs of damp which can appear, it seems, anywhere and issues with condensation can take up a lot of time and resources trying to resolve issues.

Archway Consultancy ltd have successfully carried out a number of surveys and monitoring to get to the causes and produce remedies to remove the issues (generally leaks from anthropogenic sources such as pipes or building degradation).

We use any number or combination of techniques to get to the cause and can include thermographic surveying, Carbide testing, Cavity surveys or data logging and using anemometers.

This is a specialised area and though most causes become apparent quickly, some require monitoring (this is most often for condensation).

If you have had reports from companies that you are not sure are accurate in the analysis or if you have ongoing issues within particular properties, you can contact us using the ‘contact us’ form, or by going to the TEAM tab and obtaining the direct email address from any of the senior team. You can of course call us on the freephone number to talk through your requirements.


Be assured, the Archway Consultancy team are qualified professionals and hold memberships to their relevant professional organisations.  For more details on any of our services use the contact us form or email one of the team directly, or call us on the freephone number.  We are always happy to help.