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Party Wall Surveying Services

If you are carrying out particular works to a property, say, an extension, loft conversion or basement, it is often necessary by Act of Parliament and as written in the subsequent Party Wall etc. Act 1992 (PWA). To serve notice on your neighbours that may be to the side, above or below your property.

Building Defects Inspection

There are many reasons why a Building Survey would be required. You may want to pick up on any issues, such as a crack in the wall, floor or ceiling you had never noticed before, damp, mould or fungus appearing (see our page on Damp and condensation Investigation).

Dilapidation Surveys 

 It is unfortunate, that for several reasons dilapidation claims are required. These generally require a Scott Schedule which is basically an extended version of a list of damages to a property with costs (taken from price schedules such as SPONS). The Scott Schedule is a summary of the full Experts findings.

Stock Condition Surveys

Stock condition surveys allows Landlords collect information relating to the conditions of a home and to see if they meet the Government's Decent Home Standard.  It also lets the Landlord know about the property in general. The information allows the Landlord to cost works required.

Damp & Condensation Investigation

There is a lot to manage within housing at every level for Landlords and Private freehold owners, and signs of damp which can appear, it seems, anywhere and issues with condensation can take up a lot of time and resources trying to resolve issues.

Planning and License Applications

A planning application is submitted to the local planning authority. The planning authority publicises the application, in the newspaper and perhaps elsewhere. The public has a few weeks to comment on the application. A decision is made on the application, usually within eight weeks. 

Thermographic Surveys

You may be surprised to know that thermal imaging cameras were developed for military use during the Korean War. Fortunately, peacetime has seen the thermal imaging cameras having uses in other fields and have many uses. Firefighters use them to see through smoke find people and localise hotspots.

Fire Risk Assessments

The scope of a fire risk assessment needs to be relevant to the nature of the premises and can change from block to block.  Here, we will concentrate on types of risk assessments for purpose built blocks of flats. There are, in principle, four different types of fire risk assessment.

Fire Door Inspections and Certification

 Are your Fire Doors performing as required? Would they hold out for the specified time in the event of a fire! Archway Consultancy have fully qualified door inspectors certified under the LPCB certification (LPS 1197 4.2) requirements. We will check all your fire doors to ensure they are compliant.

Principal Designer Services (CDM 2015)

 A principal designer is a designer who is an organisation or individual (on smaller projects) appointed by the client to take control of the pre-construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor. Principal designers have an important role in influencing how risks to health and safety are managed throughout a project.

Be assured, the Archway Consultancy team are qualified professionals and hold memberships to their relevant professional organisations.  For more details on any of our services use the contact us form or email one of the team directly, or call us on the freephone number.  We are always happy to help.