Professional Report Writing: One day

This one day training programme is designed for Surveyors, Assessors and Inspectors who write reports for other departments, Councillors and potentially to help the Courts.

It is not unusual to read a report from qualified, professional persons in their field, that has poor structure, weak wording or lack of clarity.  All those years of study and site experience shot down because the knowledge and understanding has not been put across in a manner fit for the target audience.

We look at a number of reports to allow you to view through fresh eyes and pick out points that can leave the writers report vulnerable to attack and the author in an unfavourable position.  We look at techniques for critiquing, and how to structure the report to remove the pitfalls by poor word choice.

Not only will your new skillset allow you to find contradictions within a report when critiqued but will strengthen your own reports to come across clear, concise and confident.